The Multiple Listing Service (or MLS) is an important tool we'll be using as we work together, but

we’ve found few people understand it. So, here’s a quick overview: The Multiple Listing Service is where detailed information on virtually every home for sale resides, as well as historical information on home sales and prices. This foundation of complete, current and reliable information will help us advise you on everything from pricing to evaluating offers.


The Multiple Listing Service is a neutral place where virtually all the real estate agents in the market collaborate to make transactions happen. Moreover, we all agree to rules that ensure accuracy and efficiency in the real estate market. But, most importantly, the Multiple Listing Service is how you know your home will be seen by the largest possible number of potential buyers. When I place your home on the Multiple Listing Service, it will reach nearly every agent working with nearly every active buyer in the market. We will also place your home on all the popular home search apps and websites, but it is real estate agents working together on the Multiple Listing Service that makes most sales happen.


Our membership in the Multiple Listing Service will keep us, and you, in the know as we move forward on this real estate journey.